Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing For Beginners

What is digital marketing and why do you need to know about it?

Good question!

When we listen to people talk about digital marketing, it can sometimes feel as though they are talking a different language. All the talk about pixeling, trip wires and conversions may sound confusing or simply downright weird – however it’s just the jargon and phraseology that’s used and we’ll try to demystify it.

What is Digital Marketing

But first, what is digital marketing? Well, digital marketing is the term used for marketing using digital techniques (hmmm, so the clue’s in the name really!) 

It’s just the technique of marketing, which is showing the right product or service to the right person at the right price and at the right time and place, but using the digital landscape we now have available to us including everything from email through to video and social media. We use digital techniques to take the guesswork out of marketing.

In the dark old days, companies would send us out letters with time-limited offers because we had purchased something from their store and today, they send out an email; a door-to-door salesperson would call to demonstrate their product based on a postcode, today they demonstrate it in a video ad based on similar criteria… The basic marketing principles that have been used as long as man has been trading are being practiced – the key difference is that the digital age means that we can get a lot more sophisticated with our marketing, and there are many more options available to us. 

Digital marketing lets us fine tune our marketing so we are really reaching out and engaging with a specific audience which would previously have been tricky and time consuming.

Is Digital Marketing Suitable For Small (Tiny) Businesses?

The answer is a big, fat YES! Digital marketing has made it easier than ever to really target your marketing to a highly specific group of people. This is invaluable when you are trying to establish a new business or take your business to the next level.

One of the key features of digital marketing is that it is scalable and accessible to even the smallest of businesses. With Facebook ads starting at just $1 a day, digital marketing is within the reach of all businesses. 

While there are some costly tools that experienced digital marketers use, these aren’t necessary when you are starting out and you can get all the tools you need to run successful digital marketing campaigns for $30 a month and you’ll even find free alternatives.  You can get started with digital marketing without having to spend lots of money on tools.

The Three Core Elements of Digital Marketing


Discovering and attracting the people you KNOW are going to LOVE your products and services. Typically, you will do this by starting an email list or enticing people to follow you on social media or other media. You will carefully target and retarget your audience.

Relationship Building

Turning this group of strangers into loyal fans. Building the 'know, like and trust' factor which is at the heart of all sales. Carefully crafted marketing sequences by email or messenger will help forge a relationship. You will use a strategically created sales funnel to do this.


Selling the right products to the right people. Giving the right after sales service so that your customer becomes a loyal and repeat customer. This will include targeted campaigns following the purchase or interest in your products.

Learn How to Use Digital Marketing in YOUR Business

Join our course and learn how you can use digital marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. You don’t need a website to take this course, but you will need to budget $10 a month for tools (no trying to upsell you to $ tools and platforms on this course 🙂 )  LEARN MORE

10 Digital Marketing Terms You Must Know

Download our PDF explaining 10 digital marketing terms you must know in order to market your business online.   LEARN MORE

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