Builderall For VAs

Learn About B​uilderall and How You Can Offer New Services, Reach New Clients and Market Your Own Business


​There is no requirement to subscribe to builderall to take this course as you'll use the free trial

(no credit card required)

There is no requirement to subscribe to builderall to take this course as you'll use the free trial (no credit card required)

The New Smart Platform

Builderall is a new smart platform which gives people all they need to market their business online all within the one place. The platform includes a drag and drop site builder, email auto responder, mock up generator, SEO tools, site heat map, blogging tools, Facebook integration and more! This presents a huge opportunity for forward thinking VAs. Be one of the first to offer support services, lead the field in training and reach new clients.

Our Builderall for VAs course has been designed to give VAs an insight into the new smart platform and to get ahead of the game when it comes to working with clients. This course will not only show you how the Builderall platform works, but help you create new services to offer to clients and use BA for your own business. Remember, BA is new on the market, so the market is wide open for VAs to come in and offer support services. NOTE: VAs completing this course will be offered a place (free) on our BA VA register which people can search when they are looking for BA support.

Offer new Services

Use BA to offer new services to clients ranging from site design through to email automation. BA's low subscription cost makes this an interesting and cost effective alternative for a whole variety of services.

Support BA Users

There are a growing number of BA users and many of these need help and support. Gain new skills so you can support BA users and be one of the first to make a name for yourself in this market.

Market Your Own Business

And, of course, let's not forget YOU in this mix. When you learn about the BA platform you will also learn how you can use the different tools to help market your business and reach new clients.

How It Works

You will take advantage of the Builderall 7 day free trial to take this course, therefore there is no obligation to purchase a subscription to Builderall. You will receive videos and written tutorials you can refer to later.

In the future, if you work on behalf of a client who users BA, you will work on their copy of BA.

However, if you want to provide BA services or use BA yourself, you will need to take a subscription. Sign up through us and pay just $29.99 a month inclusive of all the tools in the platform. 

If you want to resell the platform and join the Builderall Business program, the cost is $49.90 a month.

The BA VA Register

VAs who take our course will be offered a place on our BA VA register ​for no charge, so that people looking to hire VAs who know BA will be able to find you!


Our 7 Day Course Will Cover:

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    ​How to use the drag and drop builder to create pages and sites on unlimited domains and sub-domains
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    ​Create sales pages, landing pages, single page websites as well as more complex websites
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    ​How to use the page builder and email automation tool to create sales funnels
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    ​How to set up lists, optin forms and lead generation using the build in auto-responder
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    ​How to use the SEO tool and heat maps to ensure you have an optimized page
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    ​Plus an overview of the other tools not covered in this course

At the end of the 7 day course you will know how to provide at least one new service to existing or new clients.

Questions? Just email me at

Kate Pullen

Builderall Certified Partner

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe our course will help take your business to the next level. We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

Cost - $5 (why so low?)

The cost for our detailed Builderall for VA training is only $5. Why so low (and why bother charging at all if it's such a low price?​

Good questions! We've priced the cost low as we want to show as many VAs how Builderall works as possible. We have a register of VAs who use BA, therefore it's in our interest to train as many as possible. The reason why we are bothering to charge at such a low cost is because if people aren't prepared to invest even $5 in their career, it's pretty certain they are not going to take action on what they've learned.


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