Writing to Your Target Market

Writing to Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is so important for a whole host of reasons. If you don’t know your target market you’re making life so much harder for yourself – and life as a seller of handmade items is tough enough already!

Not knowing your target market puts you at a disadvantage in so many ways, not least with your writing. If you know your target market, when you write blog posts, product descriptions, store updates, social media and anything else where you are communicating in the written word, you are writing directly to your people. You can use familiar vocabulary and writing style to ensure you are writing in a way that resonates with them. If my business was making handcrafted leather diaries for business people, I am going to use a much different language style than if I was selling henna tattoos to teenagers.

Imagine That Person

Another benefit of writing to your target market is your target market then has a face. You can imagine what your ideal customer looks like. When you are writing, if you bring the vision of your ideal customer to mind and instead of writing to a faceless generic group. It is so much easier writing interesting, engaging and insightful copy, if you can imagine who it is you are writing to. Imagine you are writing a letter. If you are writing a letter but you don’t know who the reader is, it’s going to be a pretty general letter. If, however, you know that you are writing to your Star Wars loving, lego collecting, geeky friend, you’re letter is going to be completely different. Why? because you know who you’re writing to, their like and their dislikes, the things they are going to be interested in – and importantly, the things they won’t be interested in.

And the same goes for when we’re writing for our businesses. The more we know about who we are writing to, the more engaging and relevant we can make it. I know I am writing to people who are interested in growing their handmade businesses, therefore the analogies I make and the tone of my writing is what I know you want to hear, well at least, what I hope you want to hear.

Getting It Wrong

It’s so important to get this right and to use terminology which is relevant to your target market. If you’re selling custom printed band t-shirts to teens, you are likely to be using a vocabulary which might make someone selling cupcakes for toddlers birthday parties scratching their heads – and visa-versa. And when this happens not only does your vocabulary not sound right and falls flat, it also means that you risk alienating your potential buyers because they won’t see you as their target seller. It’s a two-way street!

So next time you are writing a blog post, social media post or a description for your store, imagine your ideal customer and write your copy directly to them!