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April Shop Maker Workshop Opens April 2nd!

Want your own website but don’t want to spend $$$ on getting someone to create one for you? Have you been worried that creating your own website will be too tricky or complex? In that case our Shop Maker course will be perfect for you! Whether you are looking to create an alternative to your Etsy store, monitize your blog or start a new business – Shop Maker will help you get started.

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April Shop Maker Workshop Opens April 2nd!

Learn how to create your own e-commerce site using WordPress and Woocommerce.  You will create your site using free plugins and themes which will help you create a fully functional e-commerce site which will only cost you your hosting fees to run. You will learn how to:

  • Keep your site secure – yes, we put this at the top for a reason. Keeping your site secure is one of the most important things a shop maker needs to do.
  • Plan your e-commerce site – before you jump in there are a few things to be aware of. Upfront planning will help to avoid future frustrations.
  • Connect your domain – stake your claim to your own piece of Internet real estate.
  • Set up the essential pages on your website – including advice for creating the perfect content for your page.
  • Set up your blog – including blogging tips for shop makers.
  • Make your shop – including tips for creating great looking product previews that won’t slow your site down, advice for writing great product descriptions and how to structure your store so it is easy for customers to navigate.
  • Optimize – how to optimize your site for SEO and speed.
  • Set up email – so you can start building your email list as well as tell customers about your latest offers.
  • Plus lots more tips and advice for ensuring you create the shop your products and services deserve.

When you have finished the course you will have a fully featured e-commerce site and you’ll be ready to open for business!

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This course will be given using video and written lessons. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where we will support you.

Length of Course

The course will be spread over four weeks. This is to give you time to implement what we’ve learned between each set of lessons. The content will be released at weekly intervals.

Our Guarantee

Our Shop Maker course comes with an extended  30 day money back guarantee.

Bonus – VPS Hosting for $5 a Month

As a bonus, we are offering to set your website up on a VPS hosting service which costs just $5 a month to run. This gives you 20gbs of storage. A VPS server (virtual private server), is the best option for e-commerce stores in particular, as you are not sharing the hosting with other sites which may introduce problems.

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