Builderall For VAs

Builderall For VAs


You will be taught be one of Builderall’s first Certified Partners, who in turn has been trained by the founder and visionary behind the company.

This course is not just teaching you how to use Builderall, it’s designed to tell you how you can use BA to grow your BA business. In addition to showing you the tools, we will give you ideas for services you can offer using the BA platform.

If you are a VA and you want to offer more advanced services to your customers, our Builderall for VAs program will teach you all you need to know to offer digital marketing services to your clients, obtain new clients and use digital marketing tools to help grow your own business.

Builderall presents a few really interesting opportunities. First, it is a brand new platform. While it offers tools which will help people create sales funnels, run automated email campaigns, create membership sites and e-learning courses, it has a single low monthly cost. This means it is ideal for people starting out on their digital marketing journey. Not only this, but being new, it means that there are not many VAs currently offering support services on BA. This leaves the doors open for forward-thinking VAs to become trail blazers.

Plus, of course, BA offers you the tools you need to market your own business online.

This course does not require you to purchase a Builderall subscription. You will take advantage of the 7 day trial plus be receive a training pack which contains screenshots and video tutorials. If you want to to purchase BA at a later date – you can certainly do so – but it’s not a requirement of the course.

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