How to Make a Copy View in Google Analytics

How to Make a Copy View in Google Analytics

view in Google Analytics terms is the data set which we use for reporting. This is what you see when you look at Google Analytics. If you make any changes to the way the data is collected it will effect the view. Taking a copy view means that if in the future you create any filters or do anything which changes the data you’re collecting you’ve always got an original set of data to refer back to. This will make more sense as you discover how we can use Analytics.

Before we get started, we’ll just make a copy and leave it. There’s no need to refer to this view again unless at some time in the future you want to access the original data.

Go to the Admin tab and select view settings:

Select Copy View

And give the new view a name such as “Original Data” or “Base Data”.

Note: If you want to change the time zone you also do this on the View Settings page.

Check Your View

Make sure you are looking at the All Web Site Data view. This is the view you require all the time now, unless you want to refer to your backup view.